5–7 October 2020

Denver, Colorado, USA | Colorado Convention Center

Exhibitor Resources

Exhibitor Resources

Important Dates and Deadlines

5 April (Now Past Due)
100% Payment Due

18 June
Housing and Registration Open

Friday, 2 August
Online Profile Due Date

Monday, 5 August
Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Forms Due from Contractors

Thursday, 15 August
Submit Late Move In Notification Form if moving in after 1500 on Friday, 27 September

Monday, 19 August
Multi-Level Booth designs to be submitted to the fire marshal for approval

Monday, 19 August
Hanging sign requests to be submitted to show management for approval (spe.events@spe.org)

Friday, 30 August
Multi-Level Booth designs to be submitted to show management for approval (spe.events@spe.org)

Monday, 9 September
Make Housing Reservations to receive discount

Friday, 20 September
Order services (carpet, furniture, electricity, etc)

Please Note: We collect and share personal information that you provide to us in order to communicate with, and provide information and services to, you regarding the event.  We have a legitimate interest in processing your personal information for these reasons.  For more information, please see our privacy policy.

Exhibition Schedule (Including Move In & Move Out Details)

View the full Exhibition Schedule (PDF).

Show Days:

  • No one under the age of 15 on the show floor.
  • Anyone accessing the show floor must have an official show badge.
  • Exhibitors may access the show floor early on show days. See the official Exhibition Schedule for specific hours.

Move-In and Move Out:

  • No open toed shoes during move in or move out.
  • No one under the age of 18 on the show floor during move in or move out.
  • POV’s – Someone must remain with the vehicle at all times while at the loading dock.
  • Anyone requiring access to the show floor must have an official show badge, or a wristband.
  • If bringing oversized/large equipment, please notify show management at spe.events@spe.org so that special arrangements can be made to allow access for transport to your booth space.

Late Move-In

If you plan to begin your booth set up after 1500 on Saturday, 28 September, it is mandatory that you complete a Late Move-In Notification Form by 15 August. It is imperative that late set ups order carpet, electricity and furniture prior to 20 September. If the exhibitor does not notify show management of a late arrival, said exhibitor will be presumed a no-show and the exhibit space will be re-sold or made into a lounge area.

Register Your Staff

Registration is now open.

Any staff required to remain onsite during show days will need to register for an exhibitor badge. This includes:

  • Booth Staff
  • Third Party Contractors (EACs)

Each exhibiting company receives five complimentary exhibitor registrations per 100 square feet of booth space purchased. Said registrations should only be used for booth personnel and third party contractors.

For registration related inquiries, please contact:

Email Experient - Registration

Call Experient - +1.888.269.6829
International - +1.847.996.5828

Register Now

Immigration, Workforce Entry, and Visa Invitation Letter

Visa Invitation Letter
Registration for ATCE is now open. When registering, you will be presented with the opportunity to request a Visa Invitation Letter. Please note, only registered attendees/exhibitors may request said letter.

General Staffing:
Exhibiting companies from the USA or from other foreign countries must use Canadian contractors, as hiring foreign workers is not an option. Foreign and domestic organizers/contractors are expected to hire Canadian workers for all building/contractor needs, as local unions do not permit foreign workers to perform work that Canadian labourers can do.

Supervisory Personnel:
Foreign service providers who are supervisory personnel working under contract for foreign events require work permits. Work permits for this purpose do not require an LMIA (exemption code C10), as long as the supervisor’s purpose is to direct local hires.

Canadian Employers:
If a Canadian company/exhibitor deems it necessary to bring in foreign workers, they will need to contact ‘Service Canada’ to apply for a work permit and a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Please note, the current processing time for LIMA’s as they are experiencing high delays!

Foreign nationals traveling to Canada with the purpose of doing hands-on construction work for a Canadian company will require:

  • Work Permit
  • Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA)

The above includes, but is not limited to, providers of the following services:

  • Installation and dismantling of a show or exhibit
  • Audio video, staging, or show decorating services
  • Lighting, carpet laying, carpentry, or electrical work

Canadian employers may hire temporary foreign workers through two programs:

  • The Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • The International Mobility Program
The above programs differ based upon specific needs and whether or not a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is required. To help determine which program is most appropriate for your specific needs, please click here. You may also contact the International Mobility Workers Unit by email for clarification.

Update Your Company Profile, Add a Co-Exhibitor

Your exhibitor profile is an attendee's first impression of your company. Update your listing by logging into the Exhibitor Portal using your case sensitive company password. Your password can be found on your booth space confirmation letter. For password assistance, please email spe.events@spe.org

Once you have logged in, click "Edit Company Listing." It is imperative that you click on ‘Save’ regardless of whether or not changes are made. This will alert management that your profile has been reviewed.

Click here to view your listing.

Add Co-Exhibitors

The following may be added to your account as co-exhibitors:
  • Sister company
  • Parent company
  • Division
  • Manufacturing/Distributing Company
  • Joint Venture

To add a co-exhibitor, please click here.

Booth Specifications, Rules and Regulations

Booth Specifications (PDF)
Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Due to height limitations, hanging signs will not be permitted in Hall A or Hall C.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to abide by these regulations can/will result in the loss of Priority Points, if applicable.

Booth Equipment Included with Booth Space Purchase

Carpet, electricity, furniture, and trashcans are NOT included with your booth space purchase and should be ordered separately. Please see the drop downs below for ordering information.

  • The exhibit hall aisles will be carpeted in speckled blue; however, individual booth spaces will not be carpeted.
  • 10x10 booths will be set with an 8' high blue back drape, 3’ high blue side dividers, and a 7"x44" one-line identification sign.
Special Event Insurance

ATCE does require each exhibitor to have insurance, however, proof of coverage is not required.

If you have hired or plan on hiring a 3rd party contractor to build your booth (other than Freeman and your own staff), please see the Third Party Contractors (EAC) section below.

Third Party Contractors (EACs)



Exhibitors are no longer required to submit paperwork or payment for appointing a contractor. We do recommend that you review the information below and that you follow up with your contractor to ensure all steps have been taken by the posted deadlines.

If you have been hired to build/design booth space at this event, it is mandatory that you:

  • Complete and submit the EAC Agreement by 5 August 2019.
  • Provide Proof of Insurance

Once your Agreement has been received, you will receive emailed communication stating that you have been approved.

If you need to add additional companies at a later date, please visit this section and submit another request via the online form. Please do not email requests for these additions directly to our email inbox.

EACs needing access to the show floor during show days will need to be registered and badged. Please contact the exhibiting company so they can register your staff using their complimentary registrations.

EACs only needing access to the show floor during set-up and tear-down will not need to be badged. These employees will need to check in at the freight door each morning to obtain a colored wristband. They will be required to provide government issued photo ID’s.

Please note – failure to follow the aforementioned processes will result in a delay or denial of access to the show floor.

Official Contractor:
GES is our Official Show Decorator and is exempt from the above.

Exclusive Contractors:
For insurance and safety reasons, Exclusive Contractors designated in the Official Exhibitor Services Manual MUST be used for services such as:

  • Catering
  • Electrical
  • Rigging
  • Plumbing
  • Drayage/Forklift Operations
  • Telecommunications

Please contact spe.events@spe.org with any questions. We appreciate your cooperation!

Order Forms, Shipping Information, Full Exhibitor Kit

Booth Equipment NOT Included with Booth Space Purchase
Carpet, electricity, furniture, and trashcans are NOT included with your booth space purchase and should be ordered separately.

  • The exhibit hall aisles will be carpeted in speckled blue; however, individual booth spaces will not be carpeted.
  • 10x10 booths will be set with an 8' high blue back drape, 3’ high blue side dividers, and a 7"x44" one-line identification sign.

2019 ATCE Quick Facts (PDF)
Attendee List (Pre and Post Show) (PDF)
Audio/Visual and Computer Rentals (Choose Freeman or PSAV) or (Online Form)
Booth Cleaning
Carpet (PDF)
Electrical and Lighting (PDF) or (Online Form)
Floral (PDF)
Furniture (PDF)
Specialty Furniture (PDF)
Internet or (Online Form)
Lead Retrieval (PDF)
Parking (Online Form)
Phone (PDF) or (Online Form)
Photography (PDF)
Sign & Banner Hanging or (Online Form)
Water/Plumbing or (Online Form)

Click here to view the full Exhibitor Services Kit.

Guest Invitations

Boost traffic to your booth by inviting clients and prospects by taking advantage of our Guest Invitation program.

Use of these invitations for exhibiting staff and third party contractors is strictly prohibited.

Email registration@spe.org to request your Guest Card Template.

Lead Retrieval

Lead Retrieval (PDF)
Take advantage of Lead Management units offered through Experient. Lead Management units will help you track visitors and potential clients who stop by your booth during the conference.


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