30 September-2 October 2019

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | BMO Centre at Stampede Park

Opening General Session

Opening General Session

Positively Impacting the World Through Responsible Energy Development

Monday, 30 September | 1000–1200
Stampede Corral, Level 1

Every day, energy professionals and SPE members positively impact the world by supplying much needed energy to the planet. We provide energy by managing a careful balance between economic growth, social development, and environmental stewardship. Economic growth is more than just heating, cooling, and transportation, but includes providing feedstock for infrastructure, steel, concrete, and even agriculture through fertilizer production. This energy and infrastructure enablement fosters social development and removes people from the grip of poverty, and in doing all of this, we must be responsible environmental stewards.

Integration of economic growth, social development, and stewardship has massively impacted society. Imagine a world without fuel, special chemicals, concrete, and 40% less food production. Our mission of providing cleaner, portable energy sources positively affects the daily lives of people everywhere, today and in the future.

Still, as a collective group, we must ask ourselves the following:

  • How can we balance economic growth, social development and environmental stewardship better? 
  • What does the public expect from us?  
  • How can we excel technically to be the most efficient energy provider while protecting the sourceand the planet? 
  • What new technologies could help us to be more effective?

As energy professionals, we proudly provide these invaluable resources and exercise good environmental stewardship as we work in E&P. It is critical that we continue to be the best oil and gas professionals we can be, and continue to collect, exchange, and disseminate technical knowledge that improves the lives of people all over the world. This is our mission and ATCE is our flagship event to help advance our industry goals. Join ATCE to be a part of this noble cause and make a positive impact!

Moderator: Eithne Treanor, E.Treanor Media


Ayed Qahtani
Aleksey Vashkevich
Gazprom Neft
Jérôme Schmidt



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