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SS16 Seeding Ideas for the Coming Times: Artificial Lift and Gas Well Deliquification Technical Section

Wednesday, 5 October
372 B/E
Special Session
New methods and different ideas, often lack of a space for discussion and support. Ongoing research, or results from recent test projects, will be brought to this space for open discussions and collaboration of the attendees. As the oil and gas industry quickly adapts to new requirements related to environmental changes, costs constraints and energy demands, the Artificial Lift and Well Deliquification Technical Session would like to set this space for the years to come, as a germinator for creative seeds that feed this change. This special session will include presentations about geothermal energy, artificial intelligence for the optimization of gas lift systems, and new developments for plunger lift, among other topics. Join us and let us know what is new.
Session Chairperson(s)
Daniel Croce, Senior Flow Assurance Consultant - Wood
Dale Erickson, Technology Manager - John Wood Group PLC
Eduardo Pereyra, Associate Professor - University of Tulsa
Shawn Gunter - Baker Hughes
Daniel Croce, Senior Flow Assurance Consultant - Wood