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Casing Deformations in Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells - SPE WITS Casing Deformation Work Group

Tuesday, 4 October
372 B/E
Special Session
Casing deformations in multi-fractured horizontal wells can lead to well accessibility challenges and in some cases compromise productivity of the asset. This session is coordinated by the SPE Well Integrity Technical Section (WITS) Casing Deformation Work Group, which is actively working towards capturing best practices and identifying technology advancement opportunities that will deepen understanding of casing deformation and reduce associated impacts. Content will include an update from Casing Deformation Work Group members on its ongoing activities, and a panel discussion on topics related to casing deformation.
Session Chairperson(s)
Daniel Dallacqua, General Manager - Noetic Engineering 2008 Inc
Alberto Casero, Technical Advisor - Fracturing and Stimulation - BP America Inc
Ali Daneshy, President - Daneshy Consultants Intl.
George King, Principal - VIKING ENGINEERING
Neal Nagel, Chief Engineer - OilField Geomechanics LLC
Daniel Dall'Acqua, General Manager - Noetic Engineering

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Through an insightful discussion, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the past, present, and future of innovation within the Oil & Gas industry, inspiring a new era of energy professionals committed to shaping a resilient and sustainable energy landscape.

Moderator: Elena Melchert | Podcast Host and Consultant | Oil and Gas Global Network