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CCUS and Decarbonization Projects

Monday, 3 October
360 A-C
Technical Session
Development of new technologies/projects for CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage) and decarbonization
  • 0830-0855 210380
    Modeling Heat Pump Technology For Economically Attractive Decarbonized Oil Production Systems
    J. Keihany, S. Baaren, TechnipFMC
  • 0855-0920 209983
    Use Of Horizontal Drilling For CO2 Sequestration In Low Storage Capacity Aquifers: From Impossible To Feasible
    Y.J. Panchal, Advantek Waste Management Services LLC; A. Amirlatifi, Mississippi State University; O. Sameh, Advantek Waste Management Services LLC; M. Moustafa Fawzy, Advantek Waste Management Services; A. Ovalle, O. Abou-Sayed, I. Mohamed, Advantek WMS
  • 0920-0945 210059
    General Considerations For The Use Of Offshore Depleted Reservoirs For Co2 Sequestration
    A. Amirlatifi, Mississippi State University; A. Ovalle, Advantek WMS; S. Bakhtiari Ramezani, Mississippi State University; I. Mohamed, O. Abou-Sayed, Advantek WMS
  • Alternate 210082
    Demonstration Numerical Simulation Of Field-scale CO2 Sequestration Project With Complex Faulting System In San Juan Basin, USA
    J. Tu, Petroleum Recovery Research Center; W. Ampomah, New Mexico Inst-Mining & Tech; N. Moodie, University of Utah; D. Ulmer-Scholle, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; L. Martin, New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources; E. Wells, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; R.J. Pawar, Los Alamos National Laboratory

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Moderator: Elena Melchert | Podcast Host and Consultant | Oil and Gas Global Network