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Completion Techniques for Optimized Well Operations

Monday, 3 October
361 A-C
Technical Session
Completion techniques that helps your assets achieve its financial goals while producing them in an optimum manner.
  • 0830-0855 210058
    Adsorption Of Aminopolycarboxylic Acids In Carbonate Formations
    N. Gasimli, M. Mahmoud, A. Hassan, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals; M.S. Kamal, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals; S. Patil, R. Al-Abdrabalnabi, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
  • 0855-0920 210194
    Nanotechnology Extended-release Asphaltene Inhibitor System/formulation For Improved Squeeze Applications
    R.A. Jayawickramage, K.C. Powell, B. Nguyen, P. Guraieb, R. Tomson, ChampionX; D. Abdallah, N.M. Odeh, S. Punnapala, G. Pimenta, R.M. Fonseca, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
  • 0920-0945 210414
    First Evidence For Shale Production Decline Due To Formation Damage Caused By C60+ Paraffin Wax Deposition: A Permian Case Study
    A. Mahmoudkhani, J. Rogers, M. Shumway, H. Au Yong, Locus Bio-Energy Solutions
  • Alternate 210123
    Case Study Evaluating A Novel Anti-Corrosion System For Production Tubing in West Texas
    M. Kabanov, Majorpack Inc; B. Hicks, Majorpack

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Through an insightful discussion, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the past, present, and future of innovation within the Oil & Gas industry, inspiring a new era of energy professionals committed to shaping a resilient and sustainable energy landscape.

Moderator: Elena Melchert | Podcast Host and Consultant | Oil and Gas Global Network