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Critical Thinking and Information Evaluation: Insights into Informed Business Decisions

Monday, 3 October
370 A-C
Technical Session
Effective business decisions and value of information are imperative for everything from cost optimization in drilling and exploration to eventual abandonment. This session will explore the systems and frameworks that are necessary to enable successful decisions.
  • 0830-0855 210288
    Finding The Right Concept Via A Decision Quality Framework With Rapid Generation Of Multiple Deepwater Conceptual Alternatives
    Y. Zeng, S. Ryu, C. Chaney, A. Hill, W. Sun, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company; B. Keinath, C.E. Osuji, D. Sistiva, S.J. Ford, ExxonMobil Global Projects; S. Hayes, ExxonMobil Upstream Company; L. Garza-Rios, ExxonMobil Upstream Integrated Solutions Company; S. Kim, B. Ruskin, Strategic Decisions Group; L.P. Basilio, P. Machado, R. Castro, Deep Seed Solutions; J. Bickel, The University of Texas At Austin
  • 0855-0920 210199
    Agile - A Scrum-Based Approach to Identify and Evaluate Opportunities in a Mature Field
    S.K. Kannan, N. Jeansonne, D. Work, Occidental
  • 0920-0945 210045
    Pioneering Subsurface Data Management Studio And Asset Retirement Obligation Retrenchment In Upstream South Sumatra Region, Indonesia
    A. Permana, A. Sulaksono, N. Hikmah, I.F. Dwiyono, R. Pratama, Y. Gustian, P. Suseno, S. Parsaulian, Pertamina Hulu Rokan

Prepare for an Unforgettable Opening Session!

Through an insightful discussion, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the past, present, and future of innovation within the Oil & Gas industry, inspiring a new era of energy professionals committed to shaping a resilient and sustainable energy landscape.

Moderator: Elena Melchert | Podcast Host and Consultant | Oil and Gas Global Network