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D02 Innovation Supercycle: Entrepreneurial Insights from Venture Capital Ecosystem

Sunday, 2 October
Ballroom of the Americas - A, Hilton Americas
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
In the last few years since, it is commonly accepted that the overall technology innovation and commercialization pace within O&G slowed. In a stark contrast, the venture capital (VC) enabled ecosystem has had a bull run! A recent University of Chicago study shows that the VC funded firms have fared better – Over 10-year horizon, average employment increased by approximately 475 percent, as compared to about 230 percent in the non-VC funded control group; VC funded control group fared better in high-quality patents grant reflected in higher citations; and the VC ecosystem fared better in overall mentoring and commercialization support. Hence the obvious question – Could we take insights from the VC community to help accelerate our innovation?
Session Chairperson(s)
Gaurav Agrawal, Vice President - Technology - Newpark Resources Inc.
Kemal Anbarci, Vice President and Managing Executive - Chevron
Nazeer Bhore, Global Manager, Technology Scouting and Venturing - Exxon Mobil Corporation
Ross Tomson - ChampionX
Nikhil Patel, Partner - McKinsey & Company