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Gaia02 Gaia Special Session: How Oil and Gas Saved Civilization

Tuesday, 4 October
Room 372 C/F
Special Session

In today's turbulent and polarized context How Oil and Gas Saved Civilization seems as unlikely a title as that of the book that inspired it, How the Irish Saved Civilization, and yet they did, and our great industry very well could. This Gaia Special Session will address the largest elephant in this room - Scope 3 emissions - also referred to as value chain emissions which often represent the majority of an organization's total GHG emissions. For oil and gas, they are mostly the emissions produced by the combustion and other uses of our products and services when used by our customers including the end user consumer - any person who has access to energy and product derived from hydrocarbons.

Session Chairperson(s)
Johana Dunlop, Membership Engagement Manager - International Association of Oil & Gas Producers
Anton Rushakov, Senior Manager, Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change - ERM
David Horsup, Managing Director - OGCI Climate Investments
Colin Longfeild - Schlumberger
Russell Conser - Standard Soil, PBC
David Shackleton - Independent


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