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SS07 Geothermal Mineral Extraction A New Subsurface Value Chain

Tuesday, 4 October
372 A/D
Special Session
Current suppliers of critical minerals go through their reviewing process to ensure they comply with environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives, including the potential higher demand of these critical minerals. During geothermal production, the produced fluid/brine has the potential to offer extraction of various metals and minerals, for example lithium. These extracted metal/mineral constituents could create new industries, support economic development, and potentially provide additional revenue streams for geothermal energy generation and related supply industries. During this session we hope to provide a better understanding of potential roadblocks and technical successes and challenges that will further improve the implementation of such metal/mineral extraction technology.
Session Chairperson(s)
Rebecca Schulz, Strategy Consultant - Shell
Jean Philippe, President - Geolith
Tom Wilson, Chief Development Officer - Lilac Solutions
Rebecca Schulz, Strategy Consultant - Shell