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SS01 Geothermal Reservoirs: Deep Hot Rock

Monday, 3 October
372 A/D
Special Session
Geothermal reservoirs are unique in the sense that they are the personification of a ‘unconventional reservoir’. In essence the reservoir needs to be ‘created’. Unlike hydrocarbon reservoirs which are physically present as a fluid (state of mater), the geothermal reservoir is simply a ‘hot source rock’ that contains thermal (potential-) energy that can only be extracted via heat transfer to circulating fluids. In this session, the panel will discuss challenges, solutions, current theorized concepts for determining, evaluating, and producing from a geothermal reservoir – enhanced geothermal system and closed loop system.
Session Chairperson(s)
Besmir Hoxha, Tech service engineer - Darcy Partners
Daniel Merino Garcia, Research and Development Manager - Repsol S.A.
Lauren Boyd, Enhanced Geothermal Systems Program Manager - U.S. Dept. of Energy
Silviu Livescu, Chief Scientist - The University of Texas At Austin
Susan Petty, CEO - AltaRock Energy, Inc.
Will Pettitt, Geothermal Discipline Lead - Baker Hughes
Philip Ball, Chief of Geothermal Innovation - Clean Air Task Force