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ESGWAY: Designing CO2 Hubs and Developing CCS Partnerships

Tuesday, 4 October
Exhibition Floor
Industry Presentation Theater

eCAST (engineered CArbon Sequestration Technologies) is a single platform for the management of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) projects.
CCS technology implementations are poised to increase rapidly, given recent policy improvements for carbon management. ESGWAY Corporation develops industry’s first-of-its-kind cloud-based platform for integrated design, forecasting and risk management of CCS projects. In this presentation, the eCAST platform will be introduced and launched to a large industry audience. The platform enables the design and evaluation of CCS projects of all size, with extensive functionalities for carbon incentive modeling and multi-stakeholder financial forecasting. Application of the platform for design of a multi-source, multi-sink CO2 hub and development of a CCS partnership will be featured.

The eCAST platform is a software ecosystem providing multiple applications:
• CCS-DECISION: Applications for CCS screening, feasibility, integrated design and multi-stakeholder financial modeling for CCS partnership developments.
• CCS-SIMULATION: Fast physics-based tools for CO2 storage forecasting, monitoring and environmental risk management.
• CCS-STUDIO: A suite of computational technologies for CO2 capture, compression and transport cost modeling, storage well design and flow modeling, CO2 PVT modeling etc.

Mohammad Evazi, Founder & CEO

Bruce Bricco, Sr Advisor Business Development




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