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ComboCurve: The Future of Oil and Gas Software

Monday, 3 October
Exhibition Floor
Industry Presentation Theater

Join the CEO, Armand Paradis, and VP of Product, Doug McMaster, to unpack new paradigms around multi-segmented decline curve forecasts, probabilistic type curves, and proximity-based forecasts. Explore how to identify problem wells, create drilling and completion schedules, analyze petroleum economic cases, and assess optimal well spacing and completion design. See what the future holds for GHG and carbon forecasting.


ComboCurve is the fastest-growing platform in the energy industry. It combines multiple data sources, forecasts, type curves, economics, and planning for net-zero in one platform. ComboCurve enhances operational efficiency through accelerated tasks (forecast-to-economics in seconds), integrated workflows, increased collaboration, and standardized methodologies.


Armand Paradis

Doug McMaster


Combo Curve