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63 Knowledge Sharing ePosters

Monday, 3 October
ePoster Station 3
Knowledge Sharing ePosters of Case Studies and other Documentation in the Oil and Gas Industry.
  • 1215-1230 210125
    Continuous Monitoring Of Drilling Mud Properties Through Novel Microwave Apparatus
    J.O. Alvarez, A. Santra, ARAMCO AMERICAS
  • 1230-1245 210336
    Application Of Machine Learning For Mineralogy Prediction From Well Logs In The Bakken Petroleum System
    A. Laalam, A. Boualam, H. Ouadi, S. Djezzar, I. Mellal, O.Y. Bakelli, A. Merzoug, A. Chemmakh, A. Latrach, University of North Dakota; B. Berrehal, University of Boumerdes