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11 Reservoir Prediction and Containment

Monday, 3 October
360 A-C
Technical Session
Session discusses geological drivers for performance in conventional reservoir and CCS applications
Session Chairperson(s)
Saeed Alshahrani - Saudi Aramco
Sandeep Mukherjee - Callon Petroleum Co.
  • 1400-1425 210162
    Geological Characterization Of Lower Devonian Reservoirs In Reggane Basin, Algeria
    S. Djezzar, A. Boualam, H. Ouadi, A. Laalam, N. Mouedden, A. Merzoug, A. Chemmakh, University of North Dakota
  • 1425-1450 210088
    High Resolution Resistivity Image Interpretation To Improve Stratigraphic Model Of The ITT Field Oriente Basin, Ecuador
    J. Gaibor, M. Guerrero, Halliburton; M.M. Grefa, A. Valdez, A. Villavicencio, EP PETROCECUADOR
  • 1450-1515 209992
    Gas Chemical And Carbon Isotope Composition As A Diagnostic Tool For Energy
    Z.A. Almubarak, Saudi Aramco PE&D; M. Alrowaie, Saudi Aramco; F.H. Lu, R.A. Algeer, Saudi Aramco PE&D
  • 1545-1610 210246
    Wettability Alteration Of Kerogen By Interacting With Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid
    X. Yi, K. Lee, University of Houston
  • 1610-1635 210228
    Effect Of Supercritical Co2 On The Poroelastic Characteristics Of Poorly Cemented Sandstone Reservoirs During Depletion And Injection
    S.S. Hashemi, A.R. Kovscek, M.D. Zoback, Stanford University