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D03 SDTS Gaia, CCUS, MEMRA Dinner

Monday, 3 October
Room 335, Hilton Americas
Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

The Sustainable Development Technical Section Gaia Program, CCUS Technical Section and the Methane Discussion Group are delighted to host a dinner at ATCE. To meet our carbon reduction goals in the future, we will require a large expansion of pipelines to enable captured carbon to be transported, utilized, and stored. To tackle this topic, we are pleased to host Nicholas Medina with ExxonMobil Pipeline who will "connect the dots" and provide a dynamic presentation on the challenges and opportunities related to repositioning the industry for a low-carbon future.

Tickets: $80

Session Chairperson(s)
Trey Shaffer - Environmental Resources Mgmt
Nicolas (Nick) Medina - ExxonMobil Pipeline Company


SPE Gaia