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BOD01 Strategic Planning - What Lies Ahead for SPE?

Tuesday, 4 October
Room 372 C/F
The goal of this session is to continue to involve members in the future of the society and increase communication from the Board of Directors. The Board Officers will discuss the work that has begun on the new strategic plan and give members a chance to make their voices heard about what they see for the future of the industry and SPE.
Kamel Ben-Naceur - Nomadia Energy Consulting | 2022 SPE President
Medhat Kamal, 2023 SPE President, Chevron Emeritus - Chevron Corporation
Terry Palisch, Vice President Technology and Engineering - VP Technology & Engineering, CARBO Ceramics Inc. | 2024 SPE President
Thomas Blasingame, Professor, Petroleum Engineering - Texas A&M University
C. Susan Howes, President - Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC
Zachary Evans, Sales Director - Underground Storage - WSP USA