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OGS01 Sustainable Recovery – Transforming the Industry for the Future

Monday, 3 October
Bush Grand Ballroom
General / Plenary

What keeps energy industry CEOs up at night? As the world emerges from COVID era lockdowns and oil price crash, we are seeking a sustainable recovery to transform the energy industry for the future and bolster the global economy. Supply chain issues, skilled workforce shortages and inflation concerns are clouding the path towards the Society's vision of a bright future with safe, reliable, and affordable energy for everyone. How can energy industry professionals with petroleum expertise contribute to the opportunities to guide their companies through the choppy waters of the energy transition towards the lower carbon aspirational future without capsizing the ship? How can the energy industry players reach a consensus on the best path to decarbonize the global economy to achieve a safe and sustainable energy future when there are so many short-term and long-term tradeoffs for energy companies and their employees? How can we leverage our core values of innovation, global scale/local solutions, lifelong learning, collaboration, inclusion and integrity to provide solutions to these conundrums and the challenges that the future will bring? This moderated panel discussion of industry executives will provide their perspectives on these topics and more. It is sure to result in a lively discussion that will include engagement from the audience.

Session Chairperson(s)
Thomas Blasingame, Professor, Petroleum Engineering - Texas A&M University
Barton Cahir, Senior Vice President, Upstream Portfolio Development - ExxonMobil Upstream Co.
Kamel Ben-Naceur - Nomadia Energy Consulting | 2022 SPE President
Olivier Lepeuch, Chief Executive Officer - Schlumberger
Vicki Hollub, President and CEO - Oxy
Iman Hill, Chair of the Board of Directors of Envorem, Independent Non-Executive Director on the Boards of ReconAfrica and United Oil and Gas - IOGP