IADC Code Upgrade


with William Watson, Wells Manager of Shell Australia


Automated Reservoir and Production Engineering Surveillance

with Chris Fair, President of Oilfield Data Services

Practical Perspectives in Unconventional Reservoirs

with Mark McClure, CEO of ResFrac

Leveraging Machine Learning and Interactive Voice Interface

with Ajay Singh, Amazon Web Services


Successful CO2-Foam Field Implementation

with Armin Hassanzadeh, Dow & Hosein Kalaei, ConocoPhillips

Simultaneous Control of Subsurface Scale, Corrosion, and H2S

with Dr Jonathan Wylde, Clariant Oil Services


When making capital decisions on oil and gas projects, economic evaluation is a critical component. A new parameter in recent years has become the carbon footprint of the project. Is it only an increased cost to reduce carbon impacts or are there some benefits that need to be factored into the equation? How do we jurisdictionally compete when the ground rules for carbon impacts are different?

Influence of Low Carbon Footprint on Field Scale Projects

Vision of Production & Facilities in the Upcoming Decade of Change


Upcoming SPE Live: ATCE Pre-Series:

  • 29 August - Artificial Lift and Gas Well Deliquification Technologies
  • 12 September - The Energy Skills Alliance: developing an “all-energy” workforce



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Outlook for Energy After COVID-19

Fireside Chat with Ali Al Jarwan, CEO, Dragon Oil

Gaia Talk—Where Do We Stand? IEA 2021 Energy Progress Report


A Conversation with ATCE Programme Chair

Extraordinary Times for Oil and Gas—IOGP Fireside Chat

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