27–29 October 2020, Virtual

26 October | Member Monday

ATCE Startup Village

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Tuesday Expert Discussions
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A Welcome Message from David Reid, Chairperson of ATCE Startup Village

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Monday, 12 October 

1300–1530    Expert Discussions, Part 1 - Table Discussions and Fireside Chat with Experts

    Fireside Chat
    Host David Reid, NOV and Will Womble, CEO, Umbrage

    Table Discussions

  •     How to define your startup’s value proposition?     Robert Allen,  Director, Evok Ventures
  •     Hope to define research and determine your market size and strategy?    
         Anupama Pansare, CEO, Volyx.com
  •     How do you build a successful team for a startup?     Sidd Gupta, CEO, Nesh

Tuesday, 13 October 

0830–1200    Energy Startup Competition  

1300–1530    Closing Ceremony with more Expert Discussions, and the Energy Startup Competition Awards Ceremony

    Fireside Chat
    Host Bryant Mueller, Ingu and Matt Dawson, CEO, Utility

    Table Discussions

  •     What is the best way to approach investors?     
         Laurent Poncet, Lead Originator Corporate Development, Equinor
  •     How do you define your companies competitive advantage?     
         Suman Khatiwada, Co-Founder and CTO, Syzygy Plasmonics

Meet Our 2020 Energy Startup Competitors

Ai Exploration Ltd



Entech Solutions AS

FLITE Material Sciences


Mission Zero Technologies



Tri-D Dynamics

ViiBE Communication


CarbonGauge - alternate

Iconic Air - alternate

SPE Live | The Road to a Successful Energy Startup

Bryant Mueller,
on the Merits of ATCE Startup Village




Ingu's "Pipers" Sensor System Shines at 19ATCE

Kirstie Boyle

Kirstie Boyle, 2018 Startup Village Award Winner, on the Significance of ATCE Startup Village and Startups



ATCE Startup Village

SUV Logo SPE Logo Rice Alliance

ATCE Startup Village is a partnership between SPE and the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship at Rice University. The Startup Village consists of the Energy Startup Competition in the morning and expert presentations and table discussions in the afternoon.

Energy Startup Competition

Launched in 2017, the Energy Startup Competition is a fast-paced competition showcasing emerging energy technology companies.

Competitors will receive visibility among leaders in the upstream energy industry, recognition as technology leaders, the opportunity for cash prizes, networking with leading energy investors, and mentoring.

The 12 finalist companies selected to present will have the opportunity to participate in a mentoring session before the Competition and will receive complimentary admission to ATCE.

During the competition, each company will have 5 to 8 minutes to provide information about their company and technology to a group of venture capitalists, angel investors, and industry leaders.

In the afternoon, all participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and gain insights from investors, industry representatives, and veteran entrepreneurs about building startups.

ATCE Startup Village Committee

David Reid, NOV

Luis Alcoser, Chevron
John Barratt, Oil and Gas Innovation
Brad Burke, Rice Alliance
Stuart Coleman, Chevron
Sean Ebert, Altira Group

Josh Etkind, Shell
Ambre Eyoum, Total
Bryant Mueller, Ingu
Nii Nunoo, KPMG
Mike Party, Hess
Narayanan Radhakrishnan, NOV
Jose Silva, Xecta Digital Labs
Tara Williams, Rice Alliance

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