5–7 October 2020

Denver, Colorado, USA | Colorado Convention Center



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29 September 2019 00:00:00

Student Chapter Officer Meeting

0800–1300 | Crystal Ballroom, Lobby Level, Fairmont Palliser Hotel
This half-day meeting brings together student chapter officers from around the world to discuss best practices, challenges, and make lasting connections.

Student Meet and Greet

1200–1500 | Big Four A
Before ATCE, this event will allow you the opportunity to network with students across the world. After the networking lunch, we will have activities to build relationships and learn some valuable networking skills.

Leadership Workshop – Section Officers

1200–1800 | Crystal Ballroom, Lobby Level, Fairmont Palliser Hotel
Section leaders engage and share in a day focused on creating the best member experience. Attendees leave energized with ideas and a support network of fellow leaders. Those participating in this workshop have consistently been recognized as the best in SPE.

International Faculty Session

13301500 | Mustang Room, Level 2, BMO Centre

SPE Leadership Opening Reception

1800–1930 | BOW Tower (500 Centre St S, Calgary)
All attendees are invited to the SPE Leadership Opening Reception. Attendees can kick off their ATCE 2019 experience and meet SPE leaders at this networking event.

ATCE pre-registrants can pick up their registration materials at the reception.  Those who attend the reception, but who have not registered yet, can register at 0700 the following morning at the front of Hall C, Level 1, BMO Centre. There will be no onsite registration at the reception.

Research and Development Technical Section Dinner

19302200 (Ticketed Event) | Leduc Room, Mezzanine Level, Fairmont Palliser Hotel

Accelerating Digital Transformation in O&G Industry - Dialogue with Non-O&G Companies

This dinner forum will bring together thought leaders from technology companies developing advanced IT platforms, other sectors among the leaders in digital implementation (possibly including fintech, medtech, and/or spacetech), and consultants who serve as a vital bridge between the IT and O&G sectors.
An O&G technology executive will moderate the panel and the discussion will include:

• views from the IT industry on accelerating fit-for-purpose solution development based on new and advanced methods being developed
in that industry
• perspectives from consultants on reducing the adoption hurdle and implementation risk for new digital solutions in the energy industry
• learnings from other industries on the roadmap to successful digital implementation

This forum will encourage open discussion among all attendees on learnings from their own digital implementation.

Thomas Halsey, Chief Computational Scientist, ExxonMobil

Nikhil Patel, Partner, McKinsey & Company
Jim Hollis, GM Upstream, Descartes Labs
Joe Weber, Vice President of Strategic Markets, Triple Ring Technologies

Digital Energy Technical Section Dinner

1930–2200 (Ticketed Event) | Turner Valley Room, Mezzanine Level, Fairmont Palliser Hotel

Smart Remote Operations: Realities, Risks, and Rewards

Remote operations, enabled by the latest data and information technologies, is a current hot topic within the industry. Many operators see this as a way of reducing OPEX, improving production performance, reducing risks, and improving safety. This approach is being applied to both Brownfield and Greenfield assets both onshore and offshore. The concept ranges from Remote Operations and engineering support, through full remote control, to radically minimum staffed operational models and concepts. Remote Operations opportunities mostly relay on several impactful technologies including connectivity, interoperability, instrumentation and control systems, real time data and information, analytics, IOT, security and privacy, computing resources, and mobile worker.

This dinner session will examine the foundational technologies used to achieve great improvements, explore the current state of the art with respect to remote operations, and will draw on examples from all parts of the oil and gas industry. The session will also include examples from other industries that we may be able to learn from.

Tony Edwards, CEO, Stepchange Global

Gary Krushell, Operations Specialist, Cenovus Energy
Sujatha Kumar, Founder and Managing Partner, Ayatis LLC; Technology Advisor, Knightsgate Ventures
Bart Stafford, Senior Vice President, Epsis
Luigi A. Saputelli, Reservoir Engineering Expert, ADNOC Upstream and Founder, Frontender Corporation

Monday, 30 September 2019

WIN Breakfast

0730–0945 | Arabian Room, Level 2, BMO Centre

Welcome to the inaugural SPE Women in Energy Committee ATCE Breakfast!

Keynote Speaker and President-Elect Shauna Noonan and invited panelists will facilitate a discussion about personal and professional engagement, empowerment and success as we connect and network with existing and new SPE members.

Shauna Noonan, Director of Artifical Lift Engineering, Occidental Petroleum Corp.
Helen Chang, Chief Engineer, Alberta Energy Regulator
Ellen Vernotzy, General Manager Frontier Exploration and Appraisal; Africa/Latin America, Chevron
Lijs Groenendaal, Shell International Ltd.

Melanie Popp, Director of Engineering, geoLOGIC systems ltd.

How to Write a Good Abstract

0800–0845 | Harvest Room, Level 2, BMO Centre

In an effort to assist authors submit their best papers to conferences and journals, SPE is offering a free 45-minute session on how to write an abstract. In this session, we will cover the basics within the abstract process along with how to effectively construct your abstract.

PetroBowl® Championship

0800–1800 | Big Four A

ATCE’s most competitive event, the PetroBowl Championship, pitches SPE Student Chapter teams against each other in a series of quick-fire rounds, answering technical and nontechnical industry-related questions.

Opening General Session: Positively Impacting the World Through Responsible Energy Development

Senior executives will discuss the importance of balancing economic growth, social development, and environmental stewardship. The panel will also review ways to technically excel and be the most efficient energy provider while protecting the source and the planet.

Networking Luncheon on Exhibit Floor

1130–1330 | Exhibit Halls AD, Level 1, BMO Centre

Welcome Reception

1700–1800 | Exhibit Halls A–D, Level 1, BMO Centre

Join friends and colleagues on the exhibition floor to network with more than 200 exhibiting companies.

University Alumni Receptions

1800–1930 | Various Locations
Many universities have scheduled alumni receptions to coincide with ATCE 2019. These events provide excellent opportunities for attendees to visit and get reacquainted with old friends, and build new relationships with other professionals. Participating universities are listed below. All receptions take place at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel, unless otherwise noted.

Cairo University
Colonial Room, Mezzanine Level

Canadian Reception
Hosted by SPE Calgary Section
1120 Olympic Way SE
Calgary, AB T2G 0L4

Colorado School of Mines
Alberta Ballroom, Mezzanine Level

Indian School of Mines
Rajdoot Restaurant
2424, 4th St. SW
Calgary, AB T2S 2Y4
Phone: +1.403.245.0181
For additional information, call Jay at +1.832.746.6415.

Louisiana State University
Last Best Brewing and Distilling
607 11 Ave SW

Montana Tech
Palomino Smokehouse
109 7th Avenue SW

Pennsylvania State University
Oak Room, Lobby Level

Stanford University
Executive Suite, Mezzanine Level

Texas A&M University
Crystal Ballroom, Lobby Level

The University of Texas at Austin
Marquis Room, Mezzanine Level

The University of Tulsa
Turner Valley Room, Mezzanine Level

University of Kansas
Oval Room, Lobby Level

University of Oklahoma
Corral Room, Mezzanine Level

University of Southern California
Downtown Marriott

Petroleum Data-Driven Analytics (PD2A) Technical Section Dinner

1930–2200 (Ticketed Event) | Leduc Room, Mezzanine Level, Fairmont Palliser Hotel

Going Off the Deep End with Deep Learning

A grand challenge in machine learning is the development of computational algorithms that match or outperform humans in perceptual inference tasks that are complicated by nuisance variation. For instance, visual object recognition involves the unknown object position, orientation, and scale, while speech recognition involves the
unknown voice pronunciation, pitch, and speed. Recently, a new breed of deep learning algorithms have emerged for high-nuisance inference tasks that routinely yield pattern recognition systems with superhuman capabilities. Similar results in language translation, robotics, and games like Chess and Go, plus billions of dollars in venture capital, have fueled a deep learning bubble and public perception that actual progress is being made towards general artificial intelligence.

Fundamental questions remain such as why do deep learning methods work, when do they work, and how can they be fixed when they don’t work. Intuitions abound, but a coherent framework for understanding, analyzing, and synthesizing deep learning architectures remains elusive.

This talk will discuss the important implications of this lack of understanding for consumers, practitioners, and researchers of machine learning. We will also briefly discuss recent progress on answering the above questions based on probabilistic graphs and splines.

Andrei Popa, Chevron

Richard G. Baraniuk, Victor E. Cameron Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University; Founder and Director of OpenStax and Connexions

01 October 2019 00:00:00

How to Write a Good Technical Paper

0800–0845 | Harvest Room, Level 2, BMO Centre

SPE is committed to helping authors submit their best possible paper to  conferences and journals. This free 45-minute session will cover the basic methods on how to write a good technical paper.

International Student Paper Contests: Undergraduate, Masters, and PhD Divisions

0800–1800 | Big Four A
Watch the winning presentations from the regional Student Paper Contests while they compete for the international prize. Contests take place across three rooms for Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D. divisions.

ATCE Startup Village

0830–1630 | Rotary House
SPE, in partnership with the Rice Alliance, is hosting an event showcasing emerging energy companies. Eligible companies will compete for prize money, followed by afternoon discussions about building startups.

Business Management and Leadership Course I

0900–1130 (Ticketed Event) | Harvest Room, Level 2, BMO Centre

Intrinsic Motivation: A Business Imperative by Giovanni Paccaloni, 2005 SPE International President

This course will expand on a complementary area of technical competence: the passion to use competence to achieve excellent business results. Task motivation makes the difference between what an engineer can do and what he or she will do. The former depends on his/her levels of expertise, but it is the task motivation that determines the extent to which the person will fully engage their expertise and creative thinking skills in the service of creative performance. Most, if not all, CEOs today would dream of having engaged employees walking the extra mile, in the belief that true excellence is not possible without a deep sense of purpose and passion for what we do.

This course investigates the roots of the huge amount of energy required to sustain the hard, yet highly rewarding journey toward excellence. No one organization can reach consistent high levels of excellence, unless a critical mass of its employees does. The path to excellence is personal, before being collective; it implies personal choice, and a clear commitment to approach life as a creative work, rather than as a sequel of reactive responses to external solicitations. 

The sources, the rewards and the outcomes of intrinsic motivation, as the main driver to creativity, personal mastery, engagement and extraordinary performance will be discussed, as well as the huge impact of intrinsic motivation (supported by excellent leaders) on personal and professional growth, bright career development, and outstanding business results.

Communications Skills Workshop

0900–1200 | Big Four A

This workshop uses a mix of presentations and activities to help you develop your communication skills and raise your understanding of why it is such a vital and sought after attribute in the workplace.

Networking Luncheon on Exhibit Floor

1130–1330 | Exhibit Halls A & E, Level 1, BMO Centre

Student Awards Luncheon

1200–1330 (Ticketed Event) | Big Four B

A luncheon for students in which SPE will recognize the Outstanding Student Chapters, Petrobowl Winner, and International Student Paper Contest participants.

Business Management and Leadership Course II

1300–1530 (Ticketed Event) | Harvest Room, Level 2, BMO Centre
Career Resilience Toolkit: Practical Diagnostics, Strategies, and Tools by Maria Angela Capello

We all experience hurdles, but not all of us bounce back equally fast or with a renewed energy. Because not all individuals are sufficiently resilient, and the big secret is that you are not born resilient, you become resilient. This 1-day workshop is a journey of discovery of your own resilience, to strengthen and harness your perspectives and approaches to overcome stress, failure or disappointment, so common at life and work.

You will gain an insight about

  • What is Resilience
  • How we can recover after unexpected failures or setbacks
  • Which perspectives and tools are useful to boost Resilience at work
  • How to apply Resilience in everyday situations
  • Why it is important to become a resilient individual

This workshop includes several voluntary hands-on individual and group exercises, aimed to trigger an understanding in the group of attendees about what is effective to overcome difficult situations, risks, stress and failure. The workshop is grounded on the acclaimed book “Learned in the Trenches – Insights on Leadership and Resilience,” pushing the edge on what are the characteristics of resilient individuals and resilient organizations, and discovering what would work and what would not for your own resilience path.

When you complete this workshop, you will have a practical action plan to build your own resilience and to understand the resilience level of your organization.

Career Pathways Fair

1500–1600 | Crystal Ballroom, Lobby Level, Fairmont Palliser Hotel

This event will provide an opportunity for students and Young Professionals (YPs) to speak with those experienced in different careers paths in oil and gas. Connect with specialists one to one to find out important ways to prepare for different careers and how you can improve your chances of getting your dream job.

Young Member Reception

1600–1700 | Crystal Ballroom, Lobby Level, Fairmont Palliser Hotel

Our Young Members Reception is your chance to catch up and network with SPE members all over the world. At this reception we will also be announcing the winners of the Student Paper Contest which takes place earlier the same day.

Happy Hour on the Exhibition Floor


Annual Reception and Banquet

1830–2200 (Ticketed Event) | Imperial Foyer and Ballroom, Hyatt Regency
Join us to celebrate key successes within SPE and the oil and gas industry as a whole. The Annual Banquet recognizes outstanding SPE members who have made significant contributions to the industry.

02 October 2019 00:00:00

Pancake Breakfast, Hosted by SPE Calgary Section

08000900 | Exhibit Hall A, Level 1, BMO Centre

The SPE Calgary Section will host a pancake breakfast for all ATCE attendees on Wednesday morning at the BMO Centre. Join Canadian members and others from around the world to network and learn more about SPE Canada.

Energy4me® Teacher Workshop

0730–1400 | Bigh Four B

Energy4me, SPE's energy education outreach program, is providing Calgary-area classroom science teachers with a free energy education workshop. Educators receive comprehensive hands-on training about the scientific concepts of energy while discovering the world of oil and natural gas exploration and production on tours of the exhibition. 

Networking Luncheon on Exhibition Floor


President’s Session and Annual Meeting of Members and Reception (NEW for 2019)

1500–1730 | Stampede Corral and Foyer, Level 1, BMO Centre
New in 2019, ATCE wraps up with the President’s Session featuring 2018 SPE President Sami Alnuaim, who will provide an update on new achievements and upcoming initiatives. Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet SPE Board members and 2020 SPE President Shauna Noonan.

03 October 2019 00:00:00

CSPG Workshop and Field Trips

The Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG) will hold a one-day workshop and two different field trips immediately after ATCE.

  • Core to Characterization Workshop
  • Field Trip 1: Dinosaur Provincial Park
  • Field Trip 2: Hydrocarbon Setting in the Canadian Rockies and Foothills

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