SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE)

21–23 September 2021 | Dubai World Trade Centre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Opening General Session

Opening General Session

Leading the Energy Transition

As the world transitions to a low-carbon economy, we must not only meet the needs of those who currently have adequate access to energy, but also the nearly 1 billion people who do not. The transition will take time, and under all projections, oil and natural gas remain as much as half of the energy mix for decades to come.

Oil and natural gas are the most reliable, affordable and commercially viable forms of fuel available. Expanding the use of renewables will require solutions to supply vulnerabilities such as intermittency, storage, commercial models, access to raw materials, geographic scale, cost, and their own carbon footprints. 

Our industry is positioned to be a leader for the transition.  We enable additional energy sources while continuing to ensure the availability of hydrocarbons that are increasingly challenging to develop. Being viewed as a leader will require focusing our capabilities on innovation, building trust with the public and investors, increasing our carbon efficiency, and collaborating with many different stakeholders.  Coordinated efforts by many industries and government will be necessary to create a collective view of whether enough is being accomplished fast enough to address climate concerns.

The ATCE 2020 opening plenary will bring together experts from industry, policy, and environment.  It will look at current developments and future needs in R&D, technology development, and required investment.

Eithne Treanor
E. Treanor Media, CEO

Ahmad Al Khowaiter

Chief Technology Officer, Saudi Aramco

Allyson Anderson Book
Vice President, Energy Transition, Baker Hughes

Mark Brownstein
Senior Vice President of Energy, Environmental Defense Fund 

Brad Middleton
Vice President, Asset Performance and Process Safety, Chevron


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