EP01 Technology = Opportunity

Tuesday, 4 October
372 C/F

This panel highlights the insight of the leading technologists in our industry as they assess and discuss opportunities in all stages of the upstream oil and gas sector, as well as emerging areas. The invited technology leaders will discuss decision processes for where and how to invest as well as what, when, and why certain factors are driving some of the most important decisions in the industry. In addition, they will provide a forward look as our supply tensions improve to meet growth and how the oversight of society and investors has built a critical voice and influence on how the industry must evolve. The discussion of balancing risks with potential rewards sits on the shoulders of these top technologists, and this panel provides a unique insight into what they believe lies ahead, as well as what is worthy of the petroleum engineering community to hear and engage with.

Eimear Bonner, Vice President - Chevron Corporation
Michael Deal, Exploration and New Ventures Vice President, Asia Pacific - ExxonMobil Development Co.
Robert Fast - Hess Corp.
Patricia Rangel - BP Exploration Colombia Ltd.
David Reid, CMO/CTO - NOV Completion & Production Solutions