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Held under the patronage of HIS HIGHNESS SHEIKH HAMDAN BIN MOHAMMED BIN RASHID AL MAKTOUM, Crown Prince of Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE)
21–23 September 2021, Dubai World Trade Centre
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Technical Programme Highlights

Technical Programme Highlights

We asked some authors what they hoped attendees will learn from their paper.
This is what they had they to say.

Oil and Gas Drilling Optimisation Technologies Applied Successfully to Unconventional Geothermal
Well Drilling

Junichi Sugiura
Vice President
Sanvean Technologies

Thursday, 23 September
Technical Session 55: Well Construction Applied Technologies (Paper No. 205965)

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Progressing the Un Sdgs: Focusing on Women and Diversity in Resource Management Brings
Benefits to All

Maria A. Capello
Senior Partner
Red Tree Consulting

Thursday, 23 September
Technical Session 47: Environment and Sustainability (Paper No. 205898)

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Wettability Characterisation from Pore-Space Images Using Topology and Energy Balance and Implications for Recovery and Storage

Martin Blunt
Imperial College London

Thursday, 23 September
Technical Session 59: Understanding the Fundamentals of Hydrocarbon Recovery Mechanisms—From Lab to Field (Paper No. 206202)

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Digitisation of Drill Bit Inspections; User-Centered Design Methods to Automate Robotic Inspections

Wednesday, 22 September 
Technical Session 25: Drilling Optimisation (Paper No. 206261)

Crispin Chatar"This paper highlights not only important technical considerations but also the importance of user experience in our innovation and design process. I hope it will inspire someone out there to think about applying some of the ideas and techniques that we tried to do in their own projects. We also want to tell the industry about the work we are doing as a way to hint at what is coming in the future. Another thing that happens is that this also opens up conversations for potential future collaborations with like-minded teams working in similar space."

Crispin Chatar
Drilling Subject Matter Expert

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Stranger Things 3: Not All Temperature Simulators Are Created Equal

Tuesday, 21 September 
Technical Session 15: Well Construction Advancements (Paper No. 206178)

Joe Shine"The work efforts in the paper demonstrate a process improvement that can add value across upstream operations. The process can be applicable for a wide range of applications helping to solve a haunting challenge for drilling operations—lost circulation and lost circulation in the reservoir section. The paper’s intent is to show how the process could help overcome similar challenges to fulfill various isolation requirements." 

Joe Shine
Sr. Cementing Specialist
Advanced Technical Services Division
Saudi Aramco

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Blue Hydrogen Economy—
A New Look At An Old Idea

Thursday, 23 September 
Technical Session 47: Environment and Sustainability (Paper No. 206282)

Christine Ehlig-Economides"Blue hydrogen represents an energy transition strategy that offers a very positive future for the petroleum engineering discipline.

Blue hydrogen generation and storage uses petroleum engineering core skills and enables carbon-neutral use of abundant natural gas resources as an alternative transportation and industrial fuel, and for power generation"

Christine Ehlig-Economides
Professor and Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished University Chair
UH Petroleum Engineering

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Benchmarking and Field-Testing of the Distributed Quasi-Newton Derivative-Free Optimisation Method for Field Development Optimisation

Wednesday, 22 September
Technical Session 40: New Developments in Reservoir Modelling and Engineering 
(Paper No. 206267)

Omer Farouk"My purpose is to share cutting-edge scientific information on a novel subsurface field-development optimisation algorithm. 

A new optimisation method for subsurface field development applications and its performance benchmark against other optimisers."

Omer Farouk

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Cementless Well Construction Opens the Full Control on Well Integrity for the Life of the Well

Wednesday, 22 September 
Technical Session 35: Well Integrity and Assurance (Paper No. 206052)

"After working on well integrity problems for more than 20 years, I have come to the conclusion that cement alone might not be the answer to long term robust integrity. 

Well Integrity studies have shown that effective cement isolation is commonly not achieved in challenging wells. To enhance the well's integrity a novel and reliable technology used during the well construction provides effective mechanical wellbore isolation. The technology has undergone various improvements over the past decade to create a robust, reliable, and cost-effective tool to achieve the desired well integrity, without affecting or compromising the design."

Catalin Teodoriu
Associate Professor
Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering

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