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SS06 Data Science and Engineering Analytics - The State of the Technical Discipline Within the Oil and Gas Industry

Tuesday, 17 October
Hemisphere Ballroom C2
Special Session
This session will discuss the many current topics relevant to the SPE DSEA technical discipline and the many ongoing initiatives in different regions within the DSEA technical section. The interactions of the DSEA technical session with the other technical disciplines, technical sections and local sections will be discussed, based on feedback from our DSEA members and the oil and gas companies that have been reaching out for different initiatives. The role of the DSEA technical discipline within the energy transition will be discussed, such as the involvement of our DSEA members in the GEODE project.
Serkan Dursun, Leader, Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence - Saudi Aramco
Pushpesh Sharma, Senior Product Manager - Aspentech
Aarti Dange, Customer Experience Leader - Emerson
Yuxing Ben, Analytics Engineer - Occidental Petroleum
Chijioke Ibeh, Petroleum Engineering Mentor - Chevron Nigeria Ltd.
Silviu Livescu, Chief Scientist - The University of Texas At Austin
Sushma Bhan, Board of Directors Member - Ikon Science Ltd