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Advances in Proppant and Fluids

Tuesday, 17 October
Room 213 A-B
Technical Session
his session focuses on the state of the art developments in fracturing fluids and proppant. In addition to routine applications of fluids and proppants, the session has several papers that cover behavior in geothermal and CO2 environments
Session Chairperson(s)
Haiyan Zhao - ExxonMobil Technology & Engineering Co
Karthik Mahadev - BP America Inc
Murray Pike - Advancing Chemistry Inc.
  • 0830-0855 215165
    Evaluation Of Fluid Containment And Perforation Erosion In Multistage Fracture Treatment
    S. Sakaida, Y. Hamanaka, D. Zhu, A. Hill, Texas A&M University; E. Kerr, E. Estrada, R. Scofield, SM Energy Company; A. Johnson, SM Energy
  • 0855-0920 214824
    Thermally Conductive Proppants To Improve Heat Extraction In Geothermal Systems
    F. Al Balushi, A. Dahi Taleghani, The Pennsylvania State University
  • 0920-0945 215120
    An Experimental Study Of The Effect Of Long-term Time-dependent Proppant Behavior Under HP-HT Reservoir Conditions
    J. Porlles, O. Tomomewo, S. Afari, E. Gyimah, L. Aimen, O.Y. Bakelli, University of North Dakota
  • 1015-1040 214864
    Evaluation Of CO2 And Slickwater Fracturing For The Burgos Basin Of Mexico.
    C.F. Silva-Escalante, R.G. Camacho Velazquez, A.P. Gomora Figueroa, National Autonomous University of Mexico; M. Sharma, The University of Texas At Austin
  • 1040-1105 214878
    Efficient Modeling of Proppant Transport in Multi-Cluster Stages
    J. Wang, J. Olson, The University of Texas At Austin
  • 1105-1130 214838
    A New Polymer Based Multifunctional Fracturing Fluid With Enhanced Proppant Transport Capability
    G. Lin, J. Huang, L. Song, B. Richardi, J. Li, F. Liu, L. Lin, CNPC USA
  • Alternate 214965
    Measurement of Static Proppant-settling Velocity in Fracturing Fluids Through Digital Image Analysis
    J. Huang, L. Lin, G. Lin, B. Richardi, CNPC USA; F. Liu, J. Li, Z. Yang, CNPC USA & CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Ltd
  • Alternate 214865
    3D Modeling of the Utah FORGE Reservoir Stimulation with Proppant Transport and Deposition
    D. Kumar, B. Liu, A. Ghassemi, University of Oklahoma

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