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SS07 Application of Artificial Intelligence in Petroleum Engineering Industry and Academia

Tuesday, 17 October
Hemisphere Ballroom C1
Special Session
This special session showcases the importance of artificial intelligence, in both its current and future state, within the petroleum industry. We will discuss how artificial intelligence should be incorporated in academia, as well as how it should be incorporated in the industry. We will also address issues, related to artificial intelligence, that must be considered in order to enhance the petroleum industry.
Roland Horne, Professor - Stanford University
Joshua Eckroth, Chief Architect - i2k Connect
Razen Al-Harbi, Team Lead, Industrial Revolution 4.0 - Saudi Aramco PE&D
Michael Pyrcz, Professor - The University of Texas At Austin
Karen Myers, Lab Director, Artificial Intelligence Center - SRI International
Shahab Mohaghegh, Director - West Virginia University
John Boden, SVP Corporate Development - i2k Connect