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Capital Strategy, Risk Management & Economic Evaluations

Tuesday, 17 October
Room 217 D
Technical Session
Effective management of capital, risks and economics are critical to success in our capital-intensive and rapidly-changing organizations. This focus on effective management is especially prevalent throughout the new and contemporary energy as well as decarbonization industries. In this session, we cover strategies and scientific models for managing and allocating capital, assessing risks, and economic evaluation methodologies. Ultimately, the latest trends and best practices, case studies, as well as real-world examples are showcased.
Session Chairperson(s)
Solomon Inikori - Integrated Field Development Consultants Inc
Herbert Lescanne - TotalEnergies SE
  • 1400-1425 215134
    A DynamicAssessment For Maximization Of Synergy Through Integration Of Two Operations. Case Study.
    G.J. Cagliero, Pluspetrol Peru Corporation S.A.; S. Cavallin, PLUSPETROL; S. Ventocilla, Pluspetrol Peru Corporation S.A.
  • 1425-1450 215100
    Operating Expenditures Observed In Chichimene Field In-situ Combustion Pilot
    J.W. Vanegas, Ecopetrol; J. Ruiz Estupinan, H. Salazar Barrero, J.C. Comas, D.A. Cardenas Patino, Ecopetrol SA; B. Peñaranda Hernandez, EAM Consultoría y Servicios; N. Caicedo Hernandez, Ecopetrol SA
  • 1450-1515 214917
    Embedding Existing Pipelines In Design Of CO2 Transportation Networks For Optimal Sequestration Economics
    D. Nnamdi, R.G. Moghanloo, University of Oklahoma
  • 1545-1610 215080
    Unlocking Stranded Marginal Gas Fields In Malaysia With Low Capex Approach
    L.L. How, N. Norintan Farina, K. Azmukiff, Z. Osman, Y.S. Chang, S. Shahardin, Vestigo Petroleum; S. Fairudul Azhar, Petronas
  • 1610-1635 215053
    Improved Operational Capital Allocation Strategies By Quantifying Inflation And Supply Chain Impacts
    A. Sharma, J. Emanuel, M.A. Chapman, J. Godwin, Enverus
  • 1635-1700 214924
    A Focused Community To Enhance Management In Petroleum Engineering: The Management Technical Section (MTS)
    M.A. Capello, Red Tree Consulting LLC; C. Howes, Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC; P. Kirkham, Twinza Oil; R.F. Aguilera, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC); N. Nandurdikar, Environmental Resources Management (ERM); Y. Dogulu, IHRDC; G. Swami, NOV; T. Botn, Thinq Decisions

Prepare for an Unforgettable Opening Session!

Through an insightful discussion, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the past, present, and future of innovation within the Oil & Gas industry, inspiring a new era of energy professionals committed to shaping a resilient and sustainable energy landscape.

Moderator: Elena Melchert | Podcast Host and Consultant | Oil and Gas Global Network