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SS09 Underground CO2 Sequestration and H2 Storage: Technical and Commercial Aspects

Wednesday, 18 October
Hemisphere Ballroom C1
Special Session
The first half of this session will address geologic and engineering fundamentals, technologies, and challenges in CO2 sequestration and H2 storage in underground reservoirs. The second half of the session will present a component on management, policy, regulatory, etc. The overall session will explore the outlook of CCUS and the role of private-public collaborations, intra-industry partnerships (e.g., joint ventures between IOCs and NOCs), policy levers, and financial instruments in accelerating the pace of CCUS deployment.
Caroline Wachtman, Carbon Management Lead - Oxy
Roberto Aguilera, Professor - University of Calgary
Jason Eleson, Founder and Senior Geoscientist - Energy Fuse Group
P Pande, Principal - Energy Fuse Group
Ben Heard, President - Gulf Coast Sequestration
Ken Michie, Asset Operations Director - Kinder Morgan Inc.
Neeraj Gupta - Battelle Memorial Institute
Richard Suggs, Geologist - North Dakota Industrial Commission
Majed Al Suwailem, Fellow - KAPSARC
Lanny Schoeling, President and Principal Advisor - EOR Consulting LLC