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Discussing the Repurposing of Oil and Gas Wells to Provide Geothermal Energy

Tuesday, 17 October
Hemisphere Ballroom C2
Special Session
This technical session will look at the practicalities of repurposing existing oil and gas boreholes for geothermal energy and potentially their use as geo-batteries which is a topic that is rapidly gaining a lot of interest, especially in countries that have abundant low-capacity wind and solar energy.
Arash Dahi Taleghani, Professor - Petroleum Engineering - Pennsylvania State University

Prepare for an Unforgettable Opening Session!

Through an insightful discussion, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the past, present, and future of innovation within the Oil & Gas industry, inspiring a new era of energy professionals committed to shaping a resilient and sustainable energy landscape.

Moderator: Elena Melchert | Podcast Host and Consultant | Oil and Gas Global Network