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Innovative Application of New Technologies in Oil, Gas and Geothermal Settings

Tuesday, 17 October
Room 213 A-B
Technical Session
This session encompasses a variety of innovative technologies that cover applications in unconventional and geothermal settings. From application of data science in understanding fracture geometries, to DFIT laboratory experimental work, to better understanding of hot dry rock in geothermal settings, to revival of dead gas wells applying electrical treatments.
Session Chairperson(s)
Margaretha Rijken, Geomechanics Chapter Manager - Chevron Corporation
Gabrijel Grubac - Blade Energy Partners
Peter Janiczek - OMV Petrom SA
  • 1400-1425 214867
    New High Frequency Pressure Monitor Algorithm Guided Multistage Stimulation for Long Lateral Without Mechanical Isolation
    B. Zeng, N. Zhou, X. Guo, Y. Wang, Shale Gas Research Institute of PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gas Company; Y. Fu, G. Wang, R. Korkin, A. Fedorov, A. Borisenko, Y. Luo, H. Li, J. Zhang, SLB
  • 1425-1450 214784
    Application Of Hybrid Physics-Based and Data-Driven Fracture Propagation Modeling for Characterizing Hydraulic Fracture Geometry in Unconventional Reservoirs
    K. Aldhayee, K. Wu, Texas A&M University
  • 1450-1515 214837
    Reducing Emissions for Extended-Reach Well Stimulation - Preexistent Sleeve Nozzle Design for Targeted Planar Propagation as a Counter to Stress Shadowing in Hydraulic Fracturing
    T. Watkins, J. Najafov, E. Watson, Advanced Upstream; S. Livescu, University of Texas at Austin
  • 1545-1610 215048
    Deformation, Damage, And Fracture In Hot Dry Rock Of Geothermal Reservoir Under Uniaxial And Diametrical Compression Using 3D-DIC
    F. Nath, G. Aguirre, E. Vazque, O. Portillo, R. Gindic, A. Cuellar, Texas A&M International University
  • 1610-1635 215162
    Reducing Hydraulic Fracturing Breaking Pressure by Using High Power Lasers
    S. Batarseh, Saudi Aramco PE&D; D. Alerigi, Saudi Aramco; I. Zefzafy, Saudi Aramco SAOO; H. Al Enizi, Saudi Aramco
  • 1635-1700 214809
    Experimental Investigation Using Low-Frequency Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Propagating Fractures with Shear and Normal Stresses
    T. Reid, D. Zhu, A. Hill, Texas A&M University
  • Alternate 214932
    Treatment Of High Salinity Oilfield Waters Through Evaporative Cooling: Proof Of Concept And Feasibility Examination
    T.A. Mathews, Texas A & M University; N. Augsburger, R. Lefers, RedSea Science and Technology Company; B. Hascakir, Texas A&M University
  • Alternate 214935
    Assessment Of DFIT Analysis Using Laboratory Experiments
    Z. Ye, A. Ghassemi, University of Oklahoma
  • Alternate 215148
    Electrical Treatment To Revive Dead Gas Wells Due To Water Blockage
    G.A. Aljuhani, Saudi Aramco PE&D; A. Almuaibid, Saudi Aramco SAOO; S. Ayirala, A. Al-Qasim, A. Yousef, Saudi Aramco PE&D

Prepare for an Unforgettable Opening Session!

Through an insightful discussion, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the past, present, and future of innovation within the Oil & Gas industry, inspiring a new era of energy professionals committed to shaping a resilient and sustainable energy landscape.

Moderator: Elena Melchert | Podcast Host and Consultant | Oil and Gas Global Network