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Knowledge Sharing ePosters

Wednesday, 18 October
ePoster Station 4
Knowledge Sharing ePosters
  • 0945-1000 215039
    Tailored Metal Oxide Nanoparticles-Based Fluids in Acid Restimulation Treatments Reverses Long-Term Hydrocarbon Decline: A Pilot Study in Wolfcamp (A) Formation
    P. Dalamarinis, DG Petro Oil & Gas LLC; A. Radwan, R. Ramanathan, A. Ellafi, S. Khanal, Tenex Technologies
  • 1000-1015 214835
    Predicting Inter-well Porosity By Comparing The Breakthroughs Of Polymeric And Molecular Tracers
    H. Chen, B. Yoon, G. Thomas, Aramco Americas: Aramco Research Center-Boston; M.E. Poitzsch, Aramco Americas

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