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Sand Control and Gravel Pack Completion Operations

Monday, 16 October
Room 217 A
Technical Session
Highlighting Successful Sand Control and Gravel Pack Completion Operations Worldwide
  • 1400-1425 215070
    A Comprehensive Review Of Screen Plugging During Openhole Sand Control Completions Installation; Causes, Consequences And Best Practices
    M. Beldongar, B. Gadiyar, J. Jeanpert, SLB; K. Whaley, P. Jackson, BP; G. Carpineta, Eni E&P; S. Luppina, Eni; L. Farina, ENI S.P.A.; M. Giammancheri, ENI
  • 1425-1450 214934
    Shunted Gravel Pack Failures - And How To Prevent Them
    C. Latini, K. Govinathan, P. Wassouf, S. Jain, R.J. Tibbles, DuneFront
  • 1450-1515 215152
    Multizone Open Hole Gravel Pack Completion with Selective Production Capability in ACG Field - Azerbaijan
    Y. Susilo, K. Dharmadhikari, S. Taha, A. Ismayilova, I. Guliyev, Z. Jafarli, N. Kerimov, R. Karimova, E. Mammadov, S. Veliyev, A. Wallace, K. Whaley, M. Foster, BP
  • 1545-1610 214901
    A New Milestone in Open-Hole Gavel Pack (OHGP): World’s First Managed Pressure Alternate Path OHGP with a Novel Oil-Based Gravel Pack Carrier Fluid
    B. Gadiyar, D. Randall, M. Beldongar, C. Tidwell, C. Manzolelua, H. Zhang, E. Derkach, slb; P. Campbell, L. Vo, T. Anderson, Shell; K.W. Oyler, Shell Oil Co.; R. Van Zanten, Shell Exploration & Production Co
  • 1610-1635 214914
    Deployment of Novel Optimized Multizone Single-Trip Gravel-Pack System
    E.J. Mogga, SLB; A. Ismail, A. Adeyeba, I. Sanni, M. Kolakalapudi, M. Lopez, C. Lim, Brunei Shell Petroleum; M. Yun Wei Xiong, C. Zou, N. Moses, SLB; G. Barretto, Schlumberger Technology Corp.; K. Goh, J. Lim, J. Gil, D. Chua, R. Razali, SLB; O. Dada, Schlumberger Technology Corp.
  • 1635-1700 214959
    Proppant Flowback Prevention and Control by Analysis of Early Time Well Production Data
    V.J. Pandey, ConocoPhillips Co

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Moderator: Elena Melchert | Podcast Host and Consultant | Oil and Gas Global Network