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Well Construction Integrity

Wednesday, 18 October
Room 212 A-B
Technical Session
Drilling deeper and longer wells in more complex environments with depleted reservoirs and risk of total losses make well integrity a high priority for the entire life cycle from constructing the wells until abandonment. This session reflects the real need for new technology, tools, and materials with strong processes in place to ensure that no underground sources will be released to the surface or to another horizon underground at any point of the well life or the future.
Session Chairperson(s)
Henry Rueda - Drill+Solutions
John Howard - Altus Well Experts Inc.
Abdulqawi Al-Fakih - Schlumberger
  • 1400-1425 215005
    First Challenging Geothermal Well For Carbon Neutral Campus
    O. Gustafson, W. Bezner, Cornell Univeristy; A. Ibrahim, A. Jafri, L. Barton, A. Reyes, M. Poroli, slb
  • 1425-1450 214873
    Experimental Studies On Thermal Properties Of Different Class G Cement Composites For Geothermal Well Applications
    K. Abid, M. Romero, C. Teodoriu, University of Oklahoma
  • 1450-1515 215166
    Successful Milestones Achieved Towards High Power Laser Drilling
    S. Batarseh, Saudi Aramco PE&D; D. Alerigi, Saudi Aramco; S. Marshall, FORO Energy; K. Redouane, TAQA
  • 1515-1540 215111
    The Value of Downhole Diagnostics to Perform Successful Permanent Isolation of Flow Potential Sources from Surface
    G. Howley, S. Rondon, Chevron; M. Volkov, TGT Diagnostics
  • 1540-1605 214962
    Analysis Of The Sources Of Uncertainty In Geopressure Estimation While Drilling
    E. Cayeux, B. Daireaux, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS; J. Macpherson, Baker Hughes; H. Bolt, Depth Solutions Ltd.; P. Harbidge, Expro Group Malaysia Sdn Bhd; P. Annaiyappa, Nabors; J. Carney, NOV; W. Ziadat, Weatherford Saudi Arabia; M. Edwards, Edwards Energy Innovation Consulting
  • 1605-1630 214790
    Successful Application Of Multipurpose Thixotropic Technology For Lost Circulation, Wellbore Strengthening Through Directional Tools In Well Control Event In Colombia.
    C.F. Toro, E. Velazquez, J.F. Avellaneda, l. Olivella, E. Luna, Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids
  • Alternate 215081
    Feasibility Study of Electromagnetic Telemetry System for Offshore Drilling
    S. Zeng, Cyentech Consulting LLC; T. Ashraf, University of Houston; J. Zhang, Baker Hughes; Y. Huang, Cyentech Consulting LLC; J. Chen, University of Houston
  • Alternate 215118
    Implementation And Evaluation Of Digital Sliding Automation For Remote Directional Drilling Operations
    D. Forrest, Precision Drilling; A. Neufeldt, Pason Systems; A. Fernandes, Precision Drilling

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