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B  Todd Hoffman

B Todd Hoffman

PE Dept. Chair and PEDHA Chair, Montana Tech

Todd Hoffman is a Professor and Department Head for the Petroleum Engineering Department at Montana Tech. He teaches classes on Reservoir Simulation, EOR and Unconventional Reservoirs.

Todd was also a professor at Colorado School of Mines, where he taught courses on Geostatistics, Fluid Properties and Reservoir Engineering. Prior to that, he was a reservoir engineering consultant to the oil and gas industry specializing in flow modeling and fractured reservoirs.

He has over 20 years of combined experience in academia and industry. He has worked on reservoir models for more than 30 fields on six continents and has published over 50 technical papers. His research involves improved recovery for conventional and unconventional oil reservoirs, fracture reservoir modeling and history matching.

In 2019-20, Todd was an SPE Distinguished Lecturer presenting on EOR in Unconventional Reservoirs. Todd received his B.S. in petroleum engineering from Montana Tech and his M.S. and his Ph.D. in petroleum engineering from Stanford University.


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