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Artificial Lift

Monday, 23 September
231 - 232
Technical Session

This session covers down hole compression technology, ESP failure analysis, innovative tapered multistage plunger lift tools, conventional and unconventional limits for artificial lift to enhance production, and improved operation excellence using innovative technology.

Session Chairpersons
Mohamed ElHady - Khalda Petroleum Co.
  • 1400-1425 220998
    Deploying Downhole Compression Technology To Enhance Gas Production And Reserves In Mature US Gas Field
    L. Nader, D. Biddick, C. Sellers, C. Young, Upwing Energy
  • 1425-1450 220818
    Field X Fail-less Strategy: Journey Towards Esp Best In Class Performance And Achieving Record Low Subsurface Unscheduled Deferment
    G.N. AL SHUKAILI, S.S. Al-kindi, Petroleum Development Oman; S. Riyami, A. Al Ajmi, M. Al Lawati, F.S. Al Hatmi, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)
  • 1450-1515 220718
    Enhancing Wrfm Operational Excellence By Addressing High Artificial Lift Failure Index Through Comprehensive Conversion To Electrical Submersible Pump A Case Study In High Viscous Onshore Oil Field
    A. Al Ajmi, Petroleum Development Oman
  • 1545-1610 220997
    Innovative Tapered Multistage Plunger Lift Tool Resulted In Doubling Liquid Lifting Capacity For Low Glr Unconventional Gas Well De-liquification In Saudi Arabia
    A. Zahran, Saudi Aramco
  • 1610-1635 220825
    The Roadmap To Save Costs Through Reliability Improvement Duplicating Life Expectancy (MTBF.) In A Harsh Electric Submersible Pump-lifted Field.
    L.C. Enriquez, Schlumberger IPM-SPM; C. Reyes Hill, SLB; E. Batallas, SLB Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru; G. Tagarot Seadi, Schlumberger IPM-SPM; B. Fun-sang Robinson, SLB; J. Villalobos, Schlumberger; A. Correal, SLB
  • 1635-1700 220693
    When Conventional ESP Meets The Unconventional Limit: Putting More Power Downhole Safely.
    D. Harris, B. Partington, Chevron USA; J.A. Gamboa, Chevron North America E&P; L. Paiva, Chevron USA
  • Alternate 220756
    Correlating Plunger Location With Surface Pressure Optimizes Pagl Cycle Times To Enhance Production
    J. Chow, Chevron Corporation; S. Choi, Chevron ETC; Y. Tang, Chevron North America E&P; Z. Dana, Chevron; O. Sayman, Plunger Dynamics LLC
  • Alternate 220845
    A Comprehensive Feasibility Study Of A Production Technique To Lift Extra-heavy, High-viscosity Oil With An Esp System Demonstrates Improvement Of Flow Assurance, Oil Production, And Power Consumption
    E. Franco, SLB; J. Pancho, Schlumberger Artificial Lift; F. Leon, Schlumberger - Reda; E. GOMEZ, SLB; N. Cardenas Sanchez, Schlumberger Surenco S.A.

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