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Unconventional Reservoirs

Wednesday, 25 September
215 - 216
Technical Session
This session will cover several topics related to unconventional reservoirs, from modeling EOR methods for unconventional reservoirs, reserves forecasting, phase behavior modeling, and field cases. Attendees will gain insights into innovative techniques, models, and field studies aimed at addressing challenges and maximizing recovery from complex reservoirs.
Session Chairpersons
Aysegul Dastan - Chevron Corporation
  • 0830-0855 220728
    Multiscale Non-equilibrium Compositional Modeling Of Cyclic Gas Injection In Shale Reservoirs
    M. Ma, H. Emami Meybodi, Pennsylvania State University
  • 0855-0920 221012
    Practical Applications Of Space-time Fractional-diffusion In Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
    C. Chen, Kappa Engineering; W. Chu, Consultant; L. Bermudez, HKN Energy
  • 0920-0945 220732
    Modeling And Analysis Of Pressure- And Rate-Transient Behavior Of Interfering Horizontal Wells In Multi-Layer Unconventional Reservoirs
    M. Makhatova, E. Ozkan, Colorado School of Mines
  • 1015-1040 220923
    Production Decline Analysis Of Horizontal Shale Wells In Presence Of Stress-controlled Flow Rates.
    I.C. Aldana Gallego, Texas A & M University; I. Akkutlu, Texas A&M University (PE DEPT)
  • 1040-1105 220733
    Field Study Of Condensate Banking Effect In Unconventional Gas Condensate Reservoir With Hydraulically Fractured Wells
    J. Yin, H. Li, C. Ruidiaz Santiago, H. Nguyen, P. Senior, O. Raba, S. Esmaili, X. Xie, S. Liu, Occidental Petroleum Corp.
  • 1105-1130 220761
    Phase Behavior Of Hydrocarbons In Shale Nanomatrix-fracture System: Experiment And Simulation
    X. Dong, Z. Xiao, H. Liu, China University of Petroleum - Beijing; Z. Chen, University of Calgary
  • Alternate 221062
    A Producer-based Capacitance Resistance Model (crm) To Characterize Oil Reservoirs With Natural Influx: A Realistic Application
    B. Koroglu, Y. Li, M. Onur, The University of Tulsa; F. Alpak, Shell International E&P Co.
  • Alternate 220821
    Nonlinearly Constrained Life-Cycle Production Optimization Under Geological Uncertainty: A Realistic Application
    O.L. Toktas, Q.M. Nguyen, M. Onur, University of Tulsa; F. Alpak, Shell International E&P Co.
  • Alternate 220846
    Characterizing Joint Distribution Of Uncertainty Parameters And Production Forecasts Using Gaussian Mixture Model And A Two-loop Expectation-maximization Algorithm
    G. Gao, Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.; H. Lu, Shell Global Solutions International B.V.; C. Blom, Shell International Ltd.

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