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24 September 2024

Welcome to the vibrant and innovative Startup Village at ATCE!

Designed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in the energy industry, this competition showcases a remarkable competition for emerging startups in the energy field. This is your chance to promote your ingenuity and creativity by presenting your groundbreaking solutions, technologies, and business models that will revolutionize the energy sector. Compete with other energy startups to win prizes, gain visibility and recognition by industry leaders, gain mentorship and network with energy investors!

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Meet Our 2024 Energy Startup Competitors and Alternates

2024 Startup Village Energy Startup Competition

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      Interested in Volunteering at the Startup Village Energy Startup Competition?
Deadline: 2 September

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Coming up with an idea and developing an initial product are only the first challenges a startup faces; getting that product into the market and getting feedback from early customers are important next steps.

Explore the different approaches to getting products in front of oil and gas customers in this 30-minute SPE Live segment. 



Moderated by Nayeem Chowdhury, Honeywell


Startup Village Energy Startup Competition Factoids



So far, the Startup Village program has awarded almost USD 425,000 in prize money to startups through its Energy Startup Competition.


Startup Competitors receive visibility and recognition as technology leaders, cash prizes, and networking opportunities with leading energy investors, including a one-on-one coaching session before the Competition.



The Energy Startup Competition is funded entirely by Startup Village Sponsors.






Competition winners are from around the globe, including Canada, France, The Netherlands, Brazil, and the United States.

Thank You to Our Sponsors


Startup Village Sponsorship Gallery

Give your organization maximum exposure to an audience of E&P professionals, including top decision-makers. Consider a sponsorship package for Startup Village!

Startup Village Sponsorship Gallery     

Sponsorship Levels

Platinum - USD 15,000
Gold - USD 10,000
Silver - USD 5,000
Bronze - USD 2,500
Partner - USD 1,000
Supporter - USD 500
Award Ceremony Social - USD 7,500
(see Gallery and Brochure for details)

Startup Village Sponsorship Brochure

With the Startup Village sponsorship, you can target venture capitalists, angel investors, veteran entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. This is a great way to showcase your company's support of innovative technologies and newly-formed companies.


Digital Startup Village Sponsorship Brochure

Join Our Circle of Winners

2022 Award Winners

Best in Show  (First Place)
LongPath Technologies, Inc.       

Rising Star (Runner Up)            

Rising Star (Runner Up)             
Vidya Technology

People's Choice 
Vidya Technology

2021 Award Winners

Best in Show (First Place)

Rising Star (Runner Up)

Rising Star (Runner Up)
Cheetah Networks Inc

Rising Star (Runner Up)

People’s Choice

2020 Award Winners

Best in Show (First Place)
FLITE Material Sciences

Rising Star (Runner Up)

Rising Star (Runner Up)

Rising Star (Runner Up)
Tri-D Dynamics

People’s Choice
ViiBE Communication

2019 Award Winners

Best in Show  (First Place)
Ingu Solutions Inc.

Rising Star (Runner Up)
Nanoprecise Sci Corp

Rising Star (Runner Up)
Enersoft Inc.

Rising Star (Runner Up)
Modern Wellbore Solutions Ltd

People’s Choice
Nanoprecise Sci Corp

2018 Award Winners

Best in Show  (First Place)           
MicroSilicon Inc

Rising Star (Runner Up)            
Belmont Technology

Rising Star (Runner Up)             
Interface Fluidics

Rising Star (Runner Up)             
ResFrac Corporation

People's Choice    
ResFrac Corporation

2017 Award Winners

Best in Show  (First Place)         
Veros Systems, Inc.

Rising Star (Runner Up)            

Rising Star (Runner Up)             
Factor Technology

Rising Star (Runner Up)             
16S Technologies

People's Choice    
Veros Systems, Inc.

Startup Village and the Energy Startup Competition

spe           Startup Village logo         rice


The ATCE Startup Village is a partnership between SPE and the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship at Rice University.

Launched in 2017, the Energy Startup Competition is a fast-paced competition showcasing emerging energy technology companies.

Competitors will receive visibility among leaders in the upstream energy industry, recognition as technology leaders, the opportunity for cash prizes, networking with leading energy investors, and mentoring.

The 12 finalist companies selected to present (10 primary and 2 alternates) will have the opportunity to participate in a mentoring session before the Competition and will receive complimentary admission to ATCE.

The Startup Village will take place in person this year. The Energy Startup Competition and the Competition Awards Announcements will occur on Tuesday, 17 October.

During the competition, each company will have 7 minutes to provide information about their company and technology to a group of venture capitalists, angel investors, and industry leaders. They will have an additional 7 minutes of Q&A to further promote their company.

After the Competition, plan to join the Competition winners and the incoming SPE President for the Award Ceremony. 

Meet Some of Our Previous Competitors 

Hear from Qube Technologies, DrillDocs, Drishya AI Labs (Alternate), and DeepIQ (Alternate)


Hear from Vidya Technologies, Ai Exploration, Arolytics, and Longpath Technologies


Hear the Experiences of Our Startup Village Committee Members

Hear Past Winners Testimonials about the Startup Village Program

Listen to Habib Al Khatib, CEO of SpotLight Earth, the 2021 Startup Village Energy Startup Competiton Rising Star and People’s Choice winner. 


Hear Michael McCallen, CEO of Cheetah Networks explain why competing and attending the Startup Village program is worth your investment.

Startup Village Committee


Bryant Mueller 
SVP Sales, Western Hemisphere


ervell temp

Ervel Boyd
Financial Analyst
Devon Energy

Brad Burke

Brad Burke
Managing Director
Rice Alliance


Nayeem Chowdhury
Director- Integrated Climate Solutions 

sean ebert

Sean Ebert
Altira Group


Josh Etkind
Upstream Deepwater Digital Transformation Manager & Business Opportunity Manager

diana temp

Diana Grauer
Director of Research and Development


João Guandalini
Innovation Manager

Jesse Guerra

Jesse Guerra
Venture Principal
Chevron Technology Ventures

chris temp

Chris Haase
Investment Director
Aramco Ventures



Kyle Haustveit
Devon Energy Ventures Manager
Devon Energy


Nikhil Kulkarni
Expert, Sustainability and Energy CoE


Aaron Lazarus
Chief Scientist
Pioneer Natural Resources


Nii Nunoo
Energy Strategy & M&A



David Reid
Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer
NOV and past Chairperson

jose temp

Jose Silva
EVP Business Dev and Strategy
Xecta Digital Labs



Jeff Simmons
Chief Petrotechnical Officer


Tara Williams
Director of Venture Programs
Rice Alliance

The ATCE Startup Village is a partnership between SPE and the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship at Rice University.



For ATCE Startup Village or event sponsorship, contact Gail Smith, SPE Senior Event Manager.

For the Energy Startup Competition, contact Tara Williams, Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship Program Manager. 

Powering the Future of Energy with a Century of Innovation

Join the global community at ATCE 2024 to discuss innovation, technology, and the energy transition, addressing the challenges facing the upstream industry. 



Prepare for an Unforgettable Opening Session!

Through an insightful discussion, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the past, present, and future of innovation within the Oil & Gas industry, inspiring a new era of energy professionals committed to shaping a resilient and sustainable energy landscape.