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Help Celebrate a Century of Unforgettable Moments at ATCE

A century of innovation and community—that's ATCE.

As we approach this historic 100-year milestone, we want you to be a part of the narrative.

Whether it’s your first tentative steps into the world of oil and gas, a veteran’s perspective of industry evolution, or the profound connections that have transformed your life—your story is the ember that ignites inspiration in others.



As we get closer to the 100-year anniversary event, set against the backdrop of New Orleans in 2024, we invite you to submit your stories, photos and videos—anything that captures the essence of your oil & gas experience.

This is not just an invitation; it’s an opportunity to leave your own mark on the ATCE journey. Your unique narrative has the power to light the way for others, to paint a vivid picture of the impact that SPE has had on countless lives.

And it's not limited to ATCE - whether it’s the conferences that sparked revelations, the collaborations that reshaped paradigms, or the comraderie that turned colleagues into friends—your experience matters and deserves to be heard! 

Share Your Story With Us

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Submission Guidelines & Rules

Your story can be submitted in written format, preferably max 1000 words. Alternatively, you can submit a video or audio recording, not exceeding 5 minutes.

By submitting your company story, you grant us permission to publish and promote it on our website and related platforms. View our SPE Privacy Policy.

Please ensure that you possess the necessary rights to share any visual or multimedia content included in your submission.

We look forward to hearing your remarkable company story and sharing it with our audience. Your journey can inspire others and showcase the resilience and creativity that define your organization. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us at

View a wonderful example of a story shared is from our first SPE Student Chapter in Timor-Leste. Read it here.

As we approach our centennial celebration, we are excited to honor you. Take immense pride in the knowledge that your inspiring journey will be showcased across our digital platforms, including our website, blog, and social media.

Moreover, your story may be featured at the much-anticipated 2024 conference in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Your impact within our community will shine brightly as we commemorate a century of achievements together.


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