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2023 Program Chairperson, Joe Shine A Message from Joe Shine
 2023 ATCE Program Chairperson

Joe Shine is a seasoned industry expert in wellbore integrity, cementing, and compliance. He has held technical leadership roles at Baker Hughes/BJ Services, contributed to industry standards, and actively participates in SPE. With a Chemical Engineering and Chemistry degree from Florida State University, he currently supports Saudi Aramco's drilling operations in Saudi Arabia. 


Consistency in a Changing World 

Throughout my professional career in the energy industry, one thing that has set ATCE apart from other industry events is its enduring consistency. Amidst the ever-changing landscape of world events, presidencies, and generational shifts, ATCE has remained a beacon of continuity and innovation. It is the only conference of its kind, where cross-discipline collaboration, multi-layered expertise, and countless opportunities converge under one roof. This event isn’t just about the present; it’s a glimpse into the future of our industry. The unique blend of perspectives and insights has been the secret to its longevity and is what continues to attract people to ATCE each and every year.   

SPE: Your Energy Community

As a member of multiple professional organizations that align with my background in chemical engineering and chemistry, I can truly say that being an SPE member is one of the most valuable. From being a part of the global community to the wealth of resources the SPE provides, the value of this membership far exceeds my needs as an energy professional and cannot be obtained through any other organization, including access to:  

  • OnePetro, a leading platform that stands as a benchmark in the industry, provides access to a wealth of publications, peer-reviewed journals, and a vast knowledge repository. 

  • Training courses that exemplify SPE’s ongoing commitment to continuing education, including the recent introduction of the Petroleum Engineering Certification. 

  • A global community, which is what I find makes SPE truly exceptional. Whether through conferences, online platforms like SPE Connect, or the various chapters and sections, SPE fosters connections that transcend geographical boundaries. 

SPE is a community that shares knowledge, collaborates, mentors, and recognizes outstanding contributions. SPE is not just an organization; it's a community bound by a passion for energy.   

The Future of SPE and ATCE

 But what lies ahead for ATCE and SPE in the next 100 years? With the progression of the latest technologies, holding conferences like an episode of The Jetsons may not be far from reality! But on a more serious note, prepare yourself for an exciting journey. Although our industry faces mounting pressures related to the global environment, sustainability, and resource utilization, as petroleum engineers it’s our duty to tackle these challenges head-on. For example, drilling—a core element of energy, will continue to evolve to meet new demands. We can explore more innovative ways to utilize wells, whether it’s for gas injection or other purposes. Technology will continue to transform our industry, and we’ll adapt accordingly. Rest assured, ATCE will continue to evolve with the times, remaining the essential gathering point that it has been for a century. 

These are my own personal insights into ATCE & SPE, but I also want to hear from you! ATCE is not just about the experts on the stage; it’s also about the experiences and insights of our members. As a part of the 100-year celebrations, I invite you to share your own stories, your collaborations within the industry, and how you’ve utilized SPE to further your network and career. Let your journey be a part of the 100-year celebration by submitting your own story here

Together, we will continue to shape the future of the energy industry. 

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