Join Us at the In-person Award Ceremony at ATCE on Monday, 3 October

Meet us at ATCE for the In-person Competition Award Ceremony with Med Kamal, 2023 SPE President, on Monday, 3 October, 1:00-1:30 PM CDT at the SPE Pavilion on the Exhibits Floor.

Congrats to the 2022 Startup Village Energy Startup Competition Winners

Best In Show


LongPath Technologies
Ian Dickinson, CEO
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Rising Star


Vidya Technology
Otavio Correa, CEO
Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

Rising Star

liz oconnell

Liz O'Connell, President
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

People's Choice


Vidya Technology
Otavio Correa, CEO
Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

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In-person Award Ceremony

Meet us at ATCE for the In-person Competition Award Ceremony with Med Kamal, 2023 SPE President.

Monday, 3 October, 1:00-1:30 PM CDT
at the SPE Pavilion on the Exhibits Floor


Meet Our Competitors for the 22ATCE Startup Village Energy Startup Competition

Schedule of Events

Startup Village Energy Startup Competition

0900-0915 Opening Remarks
0915-0930 Ai Exploration Ltd
0930-0945 Qube Technologies
0945-1000 LongPath Technologies Inc.
1000-1015 Saher Flow Solutions
1015-1030 DrillDocs
1030-1045 Break
1045-1100 Criterion Energy Partners
1100-1115 Arolytics
1115-1130 Seebeckcell Technologies
1130-1145 Geolumina Corporation
1145-1200 Vidya
1200-1210 Closing Remarks
1230 People's Choice Award Voting Closed


All times are Central Daylight Time.


Startup Village Competition Awards Announcements and Meet the Experts Program

0800-0805                          Welcome, and Awards Announcements
0805-0810 Introduction of the "Meet the Expert" Activities
0810-0855 Fireside chat with Armand Paradis, CEO
of ComboCurve, hosted by Bryant Mueller
0855-0905 Break
0905-1045 Tabletop: How do you define a company's strategy
to align with profitability and potential for growth? 
Leader: Todd Bush, Fuse Markets
  Tabletop: How to take advantage of the startup ecosystem to launch a product   
Leader: Joey Sanchez, The Ion
  Tabletop: Energy Emerging Technologies - from Ideation to Creation   
Leader: Katie Perry Fischer, ConocoPhillips
  Tabletop: How to execute a startup's strategy to align with resources and the organization's infrastructure   
Leader: Preshit Gawade, Baker Hughes

Tabletop: Leveraging oil and gas expertise to build a cleantech startup
Leader: Deanna Zhang, EtechMonkey​

1045-1055 Break
1055-1140 Fireside chat with Gaurav Khandelwal,
CEO of Velostics, hosted by Nii Ahele Nunoo
1140-1145 Closing Remarks


All times are Central Daylight Time.

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Energy Startup Competition

Launched in 2017, the Energy Startup Competition is a fast-paced competition showcasing emerging energy technology companies.

Competitors will receive visibility among leaders in the upstream energy industry, recognition as technology leaders, the opportunity for cash prizes, networking with leading energy investors, and mentoring.

The 10 finalist companies selected to present will have the opportunity to participate in a mentoring session before the Competition and will receive complimentary admission to ATCE.

The Startup Village will take place virtually this year. It will consist of the Energy Startup Competition on Tuesday, 20 September, and the Competition Awards Announcements and "Meet the Experts" on Wednesday, 21 September.

During the competition, each company will have 7 minutes to provide information about their company and technology to a group of venture capitalists, angel investors, and industry leaders. They will have an additional 7 minutes of Q&A to further promote their company.

During "Meet the Experts", all participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and gain insights from investors, industry representatives, and veteran entrepreneurs about building startups.

At ATCE, on Monday, 3 October, 1300-1330 CDT, join the Competition winners and incoming SPE President, Med Kamal, at the SPE Pavilion in the Exhibition Hall for the in-person Award Ceremony. 



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Meet Some of Our Competitors for the 22ATCE Startup Village Competition

Hear from Qube Technologies, DrillDocs, Drishya AI Labs (Alternate), and DeepIQ (Alternate)


Hear from Vidya Technologies, Ai Exploration, Arolytics, and Longpath Technologies


Hear the Experiences of Our Startup Village Committee Members


See Recent Winners Testimonials about the Startup Village Program

Hear the message from Dan Cohen of Flite Material Sciences, the 2020 Startup Village "Best in Show" winner.


Listen to Habib Al Khatib, CEO of SpotLight Earth, the 2021 Startup Village Energy Startup Competiton Rising Star and People’s Choice winner. 


Hear Michael McCallen, CEO of Cheetah Networks explain why competing and attending the Startup Village program is worth your investment.

Join Us at Startup-related Social Events during ATCE

Join the R&D Technical Section Dinner


When you register for the 3-day conference, add the R&D Technical Section Dinner on Sunday, 2 October 2022, from 19:30 - 21:00 to your cart and mingle with like-minded members.

The ATCE Startup Village is a partnership between SPE and the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship at Rice University.


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For ATCE Startup Village or event sponsorship, contact Gail Smith, SPE Senior Event Manager.

For the Energy Startup Competition, contact Tara Williams, Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship Program Manager. 


Startup Village Committee

Bryant Mueller, AspenTech

Brad Burke, Rice Alliance
Nayeem Chowdhury, NOV
Stuart Coleman, Chevron
Sean Ebert, Altira Group
Charles Kosa, Novi Labs
Nikhil Kulkarni, JSW
Sylvaine Le Roy-Delage, AD-GY Consulting




Aaron Lazarus, Pioneer Natural Resources
Nii Nunoo, PwC
Narayanan Radhakrishnan, NOV
David Reid, NOV and past Chairperson
Jose Silva, Xecta Digital Labs
Jeff Simmons, Oxy
Phoebe Wang, Shell Ventures
Tara Williams, Rice Alliance